Tobias Grünfelder


Magician & Lecturer on Cultural Diversity and Transcultural Leadership, Doctoral Researcher

Zeppelin University

As an intercultural trainer, researcher, lecturer, and magician I want to help rethink how we cooperate, lead, and live in contexts of cultural diversity. In the last years, I worked as an intercultural trainer and research fellow at the chair of “Institutional Economics and Transcultural Leadership” at Zeppelin University in Germany. My research focus is on the transcultural management of international organizations and the associated organizational and individual learning processes. In addition to my research, I work as an L&D expert, magician, and facilitator with Abracademy. At Abracademy we blend magic, professional development and psychology to create unforgettable learning programs for organisations. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute, I travelled to various countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Kenia, Estonia, and Belgium as a “magical ambassador” to promote the German language and transcultural learning.