Paul Osincup


Best-selling author / TEDx Speaker

Humor Strategist

Paul Osincup is a Corporate Trainer,  Humor Strategist, and author of the best-selling book „The Humor Habit: Rewire Your Brain to Stress Less, Laugh More, and Achieve More’er.“ Paul’s global mission for workplace happiness has provided him the opportunity to work with organizations like Google, Discover, The Harvard Kennedy School of Leadership, and The U.S. Airforce to leverage levity as a strategic tool for personal and professional development.  Paul is a content creator for the health and well-being app Happify, serving over 17 million users, and he’s a certified Stress Mastery Educator with the American Institute of Stress. Paul is also the past president of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic humor, an international organization dedicated to the study and application of humor to enhance health and human performance. Paul’s work has been highlighted in The New York Times, Forbes, and on his mom’s refrigerator.