Katalin Toth


People & Culture Management

AI & Digitalisation Expert

With nearly five years of extensive experience in HR management, combined with a background in leadership, diplomacy and media, Katalin is passionately dedicated to optimizing employee experiences, employer and personal branding, and digitalization. Prior to this professional journey, she completed her master’s degree in Education Science at Eötvös Loránd University.

She maintains a dynamic presence on social media, leveraging her content creator skills to effectively engage audiences. Having lived in multiple countries and being fluent in several languages. Katalin’s international background enhances her ability to work seamlessly in multicultural environments, adding an extra dimension to her HR and Leadership capabilities. Notably, after completing a specialized programs in Digitalization Management at the University of Graz, HR Management at Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Economic Chambers (WIFI Wien) and “ChatGPT in everyday work” at BFI Wien, she has embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey by spearheading KAI Solution—an initiative focused on innovative HR, business, and (K)AI solutions. This venture marks a bold step in her career, focusing on delivering solutions with the power of AI. Her mission has a clear message: innovate, inspire, and integrate. She is committed to bringing the benefits of AI into your life or your business in practical, impactful ways.