Caroline Farberger


Partner and chairwoman


Keynote @ HR Inside Summit 2023

Gender norms and the value of inclusive leadership

Caroline shares her views and experiences from the executive level on gender norms and inclusive leadership to reach next level of business performance. Caroline discusses social norms and what leadership is required to harness the full potential of the organisation.
In her keynote, Caroline will cover:

  • Leading with authenticity and living as your true self
  • Understanding gender norms and capturing the value of equality in business
  • The value of inclusive leadership to increase business performance

Session @ HR Inside Summit 2023

Inclusive leadership in practice

Based on the keynote, Caroline will dive deeper into inclusive leadership and how it can be practiced to harness the full value of the diversity in an organisation’s workforce.
Caroline will give specific examples of her own leadership style and how it progressed as she became aware of how excluding she had been as a male CEO and how much more value she got from her executive team when she practiced inclusive leadership.
She will engage the audience in examples of both structural and daily behaviours in meetings and social settings at work to demonstrate how inclusion works in practice. During the workshop, Caroline will as the audience to discuss in groups of 2-4 on several questions relating to the topic of the workshop and reflect on their own behaviour at work.


Caroline Farberger is partner and chairwoman of the investment company Wellstreet. With dual degrees in engineering and finance, she started her career as a consultant with McKinsey & Company before she embarked on a successful management career in finance. Caroline was until 2022 CEO of the insurance company ICA Insurance, and is also known for being the first person to openly talk about her gender transition while being in an executive position five years ago.