Solving the Productivity Puzzle – How People Engagement, Innovation and Performance Will Transform Work

What we will cover …

• Post-pandemic trends to know about and take advantage of, now
• What is causing people productivity to decline?
• Is productivity defined properly in the 21st century?
• The Solution: People Engagement, Innovation and Performance – PEIP


Beyond the Great Resignation: An Action Plan for Creating People Engagement and Mobility for Talent Retention

Unemployment is at record low levels in many regions. This is an excellent situation for employees; however, it is a difficult time for employers trying to hire and retain top talent. Discover how the emergence of the ‘Great Resignation’ has affected organizations’ ability to hire and retain employees, and learn about proven tools and methods to address it.

This workshop helps you develop effective people engagement, talent mobility and hiring best practices in your organization for the new workplace realities: employees demand a say in what they do, when they do it, and where. If they don’t get it, they will look to leave. Create & implement a futureproof people engagement plan to retain top talent.



  • Author, Board Advisor, Conference Speaker
  • 30-year career as a senior executive leading HR management consulting and HR software engagements, worldwide.
  • Based in the UK and US.