Simona Domazetoska brings together cross-disciplinary work experience in education, tech and human rights, having worked at universities, startups and companies across Austria, Australia and Switzerland. She’s a prolific writer, storyteller, entertaining speaker with key expertise in content marketing, market research and product evangelism. She is spearheading the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative in EMEA at Tricentis where she works on educational projects and cultural diversity.

Diversity in the Software Engineering Community

Beyond the massive discussions regarding “bro culture” at Uber or “biological differences” at Google, diversity in the Software Engineering community is a huge topic. It’s time to go beyond the hype and turn gender equality into something real.

But diversity is not only about gender – ethnicity, age, origin, disability, sexual orientation, and religion play a role too. Simply hiring more women does not change anything with regards to attitude, parameters of working in this industry, or simply people’s perception.