Storyteller, Researcher and Consultant
Ross is an international expert in meaningful work who passionately believes that work can be awesome for everyone. He has over 20 years of experience helping people find meaning in their work and he founded Rise 10 years ago to help organisations lead with meaning. As a result of his global research projects, he has developed simple, easy to use diagnostic tools, practical frameworks, and programs to help make work more meaningful for everyone.  He speaks regularly at international conferences, including two TEDx events, has been interviewed in many international publications, appeared regularly on national radio stations, and coached and inspired hundreds of business leaders. In his research on finding meaning he has interviewed hundreds of “ordinary” people of all walks of life about how they made their work work better for them. Ross is also the host of the “The meaning of work” podcast interview series. Originally from Scotland, he has spent the last 17 years in Sydney, Australia, and now calls Vienna home.

Leading with Meaning – How we can make the future of work awesome for everyone
“There is NO WAY I’m going back to that job! Covid helped me to realise that life’s too short to be working on things that just aren’t important to me.”

That was one of the interviewees from Ross’ global research into how coronavirus has changed our relationships with work. Ross will give insights by telling real-life stories how Covid has changed what we want form our work. You will also learn how you can make the future of work awesome for everyone by leading with meaning. SPOILER ALERT!!! What we want has changed…

Pop-Up Workshop:
Meaningful work made easy – The “How to” guide for Leaders
The science and philosophy of Meaningful Work goes back thousands of years and it’s always been complicated… until now! From his research Ross has developed a simple model for understanding and finding meaning in work. He will share it with you in this workshop and show you how to use it in your organisation. It will be interactiv, full of stories, problem solve using your real-life examples. You will leave equipped with a model and language for understanding how to make meaningful work happen in your workplace. Bring your playful side…