Senior Human Resource Leader with 17 plus years of International Industry Experience with special Focus on Technology & people. Core Expertise in Hyper Growth build up of tech organization in Europe and Asia.Led the delivery of YonY 700 plus hires for Zalando in the technology domain, and executed a ramp up of 300 plus technology hires for OLX, across the world in Europe, Turkey, India and Latin America in 2020. Currently continuing the hypergrowth to add 500 + tech hires globally this year.

As a speaker, keynote ( & otherwise ) and panelist, have spoken at 19 events across 7 countries in 2018 & 2019. In the new reality of 2020, concluded 12 Virtual Conference / Webinars.

At present globally Heading the Technology Talent Acquisition strategy and team (with 3 directs and overall 28 plus people ) for OLX Group, a Prosus Naspers company across all global locations Europe, South America, Dubai and India.

Keynote & Session

The Hypergrowth Story – Data Driven TA Strategy at Zalando and OLX

Growth Is an exciting but at the same thing challenging phase because the company’s future depends on it’s performance and scalling. As people lie in in the core of such growth, the hiring strategy becomes that much critical during this period. Companies operating in a hyper-growth mode need to scale fast enough to meet business goals, but at the same time establish a hiring process, correctly estimate their hiring needs and attract the best candidates.

To better understand the transformation into data-drigen hyper-growth recruitment, we look at how Zalando and OXL leveraged data and people analytics to make better hiring and business decisions.