Katharina Pernkopf​​is an experienced Organization & Management Researcher with focus on changes in people management and work organization. Her research findings have implications for our society as a whole, as well as for one’s work life, creating an impetus for taking actions and finding solutions together for the better. Currently, she is a Research Partner at WU Vienna.

Timea Turdean​ is a Software Engineer who also co-founded Women Techmakers Vienna 7 years ago, a local NGO about diversity and inclusion in STEM. She is currently working on her own (social) startup about inclusive workplaces: ​www.BELONGin.work​. With her unique perspective on the job market, as a woman in STEM, and a community Diversity Lead she is the person companies call for diversity tips at events or in recruiting. Today she is at the summit ready to network and let you in on some unique insights.

Authenticity, the importance of a “streamlined” communication for recruiting

It has become more and more common that job seekers check on all possible data sources if the company brand is authentic before they decide to take the job. As a job seeker in IT, Timea Turdean has switched jobs 4 times in 10 years and knows how hard it is to decide on the next job. Katharina Pernkopf researched how mixed signals about employers affect job seekers, like Timea, in their decision making process. We invite you to an interactive and engaging workshop where we showcase Katharina’s research findings and reflect on own recruiting practices from the perspective of the job seeker.