Karen Eber is a Talent, Leadership Development, and Culture expert focused on helping individuals, teams and organizations perform their best and make changes to be #betterthanyesterday. She uses a storytelling approach to point out examples in everyday life that inspire all people to reach their leadership potential. Often described as bringing “clarity to chaos,” and „clear thinking in thunderstorms,“ Karen has worked as an Executive across Fortune 500 companies. Karen focuses on Talent Development including Strategy, Leadership Development, Culture, and Performance Management.

Keynote 9. Oktober 2019 | 09:00 Uhr
Session 9. Oktober 2019 | Strategie & Leadership | 11:00 Uhr

Storytelling: It’s not just for bedtime

We routinely hear about the power and impact of storytelling. It is also an invaluable Leadership Development tool. Storytelling helps leaders internalize, reflect and intentionally think about their actions. It also helps shape culture and establish trust through vulnerability. We regularly hear how important storytelling is in leadership, yet leaders still don’t use it. Many don’t know where to start, feel they do not have a story to tell, or are concerned about being vulnerable. This interactive session covers how to take one of the oldest tools for development and use it in innovative ways to help leaders be vulnerable and connect, influence and have positive impact.