Imran ist Leadership Coach und Organisationsentwicklungs- und Changeberater. Komplexität innerhalb von Systemen und Strukturen und Teamarbeit an sich faszinierten Imran schon immer. Als Coach begleitete er Führungspersonen und Teams verschiedener Organisationen (wie z.B. Lufthansa, NASA, Spitäler und Finanzinstitute) in mehr als 10 000 Stunden und in über 70 Ländern.


The Science of Great Teams: healthy high-performance through data-informed insights | Session in English

The lone inventor having a eureka moment is largely a myth; innovation comes from great teams! In any organisation, the smallest unit of performance is the team. Performance emerges in this space between people. We know when people in a group commit to working together, have each other’s back and foster a unique identity, amazing things happen.

This 50 minute interactive session gets people aligned and clear about the key variable that create the conditions for great teams.
It is a thought provoking process that allows conversation to happen and for the participants to work on what builds these environments for teams and the data teams need to measure to ensure it is happening.

Come and we’ll make sure to make it an experiential and fun session!