Certified expert in Corporate Security, Crisis and Business Continuity Management with 15+years experience based out of Dubai, UAE. Since 2015 Senior Security Manager for Middle East & Africa for Medtronic (Medtech, 95k+ employees, USD 30bn global turn over). Beforehand International SOS & Control Risks (travel security consulting) and 10+ in the Austrian Military with deployments to the Balkans, Chad and Afghanistan. Managed corporate response to multiple crisis events from hijackings and missing persons in Africa, to social unrest and terrorism incidents in Turkey and evacuations out of Iraq, Libya & South Sudan.


When the disaster hits… HR’s critical role in effective crisis management

  • What is a crisis?
  • Potential crisis events that require HR to be involved in or take a leading role
    • Strike
    • Death on site, death off site
    • Missing person, kidnapping, terrorist attack
  • Maturity road map for a company’s resilient CM organization
  • HR’s critical role in any Crisis Management team
  • Typical shortfalls (focus on HR relevance) and surprisingly easy solutions
  • Preparation, Training and Response
  • CM plans, tools & templates
  • Modern CM tools (emergency notification systems etc.)