Carissa Bub, founder of London-based Bubworks, is an organizational coach and leadership communications specialist. She enables executives, teams and business partnerships to deliver better results by becoming more connected and collaborative. Whether she’s working with parliaments, portfolio managers or people on the factory floor, she focuses on finding luminaries, the grounded leaders who help organizations embrace change.

Keynote & Session

Transforming Leaders Into Change-makers.

The massive amounts of complexity and change that leaders face today is unprecedented and our systems – both organisational and bodily are not good at responding to this. We need a different quality of connectedness and collaboration to help organisations play their part in creating a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world that meets the needs of all stakeholders. We need leaders who can harness the collective strengths of the whole, who can persuasively convey what matters and operate beyond the frontier of the proven and familiar to lead transformational change. In this talk Leadership and Organisational Coach Carissa Bub shares insights into how to spot leaders at all levels of the organisation who have what it takes to build a human-centric, collective leadership culture capable of making a difference in the world.