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No one likes to be managed, but everyone wants to be a manager – the evolution of management and its impact on organisations

We live in an age of disruption, with a breakdown in trust being the biggest disruptor. We no longer trust science, our leaders, politicians, the media, or our employers. We question our motives and ask whether our personal values align with those of an organisation before applying for a job. And we are willing to quit the organisation, team or manager if it no longer does.  Management has dramatically changed since the late 1800s when Frederick Taylor first introduced the principles of scientific management. The current multi-generational workforce desire something different from its company leaders and they’re not scared to speak up and demand it. Join me on this exploratory journey on the evolution of management, the impact on organisations and changes needed in our company strategies, structures and processes to ensure we build solid, future-proof organisations.


Adele Croucamp is an international management consultant based in Vienna, Austria where she runs her own consulting practice. As an Organisational Psychologist she focuses on delivering solutions for her clients in the fields of people strategy design, performance management and leadership development. She has worked with a range of clients across various industries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.